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The explosion of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has had a profound impact on how people interact socially. Social media tools are fast becoming customer service platforms. is dedicated in bringing home to you, our valued business partners a part of this action.

My will be the smart solution for your business as we bring to you our expertise in social marketing. We will create awareness for your business and advertise your organization to a massive audience via e commerce, social media networks and from search engine optimization, and help your business take off in the right direction and reach greater heights. There are many benefits to using social media for your business.

1. Branding - Brand awareness is vital for your continued success. The more impressions a customer gets of your business, they will help keep your business alive and buzzing as they talk about you and share your information among friends and family.

2. Customer Service and Feedback - If branding takes on the most important component of marketing your product, then providing support to your customers and listening carefully to what they have to say will be the deciding factor on the lifespan of your business. Social media provides your brand with a free source of constant information from other brands, media, friends and even your competition!

3. Reputation Management - Managing your reputation in cyber space is essential because you are being talked about! Therefore transparency is key to developing the trust of your audience. The feedback you receive will help you make informed decisions about how you deal with your clients or position your business. We will provide records of customer interest and sales to you whenever it is required.

We Create the Hype

Let us walk you through a scenario…

The customer walks in through your doors in order to redeem the voucher for the special deal that you have offered on They look around and begin to browse through merchandise or feel the ambience of your restaurant and get drawn to further experience or buy products or services that you have to offer. A happy and satisfied customer will always come back for more as well as refer your business to family and friends drawing to your doors new customers wanting to be a part of the excitement.

Doesn’t matter what your business is, as a merchant if you are new or have relocated your business or if you are an old establishment with repute and want to create some new excitement then has the perfect solution for you. By giving out a great daily deal on our website you can excite your current or potential customers or both parties at the same time. Every customer including us loves to experience great discounts coming with the newest ‘IN’ product or great quality product and services that has been around for generations! If your services and products given with the daily deals are fabulous, then customers will surely return to your organization for more, even without a special offer.

Further are you hitting your head against the wall wondering what to do with massive amounts of stocks, at the end of a season or even perishables like food items then offering irresistible deals on is a sure way of putting a smile back on your face!

There is no need to lose sleep over excess inventory, has the perfect solution tailor made just for you. Give us your best discounts and watch miracles taking place right before your eyes!

Are you planning the next best event in Colombo? Partner with us and reach out to a wider audience, enjoy free promotion and coverage and have SOLD OUT! Events every time.

Reach Your Target Market

Our clients at are very interactive social media uses in the age of 18 and above. Every day thousands of subscribers in our email database with active email accounts and social media users on Facebook, Twitter etc. access our site,

We advertise your business FREE OF CHARGE to massive numbers of potential clients as a valued featured partner of Even after the deal is over, your great offer will feature on our website as a supplier who offered a great deal so that we can help you increase your sales and easily reach your target audience.

For Traders Dealing with Massive Quantities or Excess Inventory

When you are the type of trader who deals in massive quantities at one time and your services or products need to be finished in one go, our vouchers will definitely come in handy to increase your sales revenue. For example if you’re planning our a major concert and if you have excess tickets to be sold you can give a deal to our clients and sell of all your tickets and increase the revenue, rather than just keeping the tickets and not selling it at all. These deals will be useful for hotels and restaurants as well for their buffets offered in a daily or weekly basis. This will also work well if you have excess inventory or capacity. Then we can surely help you to reduce these.

ZERO INVESTMENT - You can advertise your products and services with us and only have to pay us a nominal rate for our services and that too only if your product or service is sold. Call us now to get more information. Call: 0773257866